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40th Seneca HS Reunion Plan?

Posted on: March 31, 2019

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No plan yet but have started working on one. Couple of weeks ago Maggie McGrath reached out and asked if she could help so we have begun working on timing, location and a plan. But this 40th reunion is not about us but about you. If you have a specific time, location or idea please reach out to one of us. In the next few months we hope to have a plan that will work for most of you in 2020.

I was out in the yard this morning and took this pic. The daffodils are out and trees have started to bud. You would never have known that it was snowing here yesterday by this pic, right? This is why we want to see you at the reunion. One pic cannot show everything that has happen not even yesterday! We all want to see you and hear your story for the last 40 years! Hope to see you soon.


Mark D., Seneca HS Class of 1980
PS: See the about us page for contact info…

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